Feb 23 2015

Curse of the Doll People (1960)

Found this little gem yesterday thanks to a Facebook friend who is also into B-movies. Like most B-movies, the budget was obviously small, and the special effects reflected that fact, but it was still a very entertaining movie, regardless. “The Curse of the Doll People” is a 1960 Mexican horror film directed by Benito Alazraki. …

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Feb 03 2015

Benjamin Button & Life ReEnvisioned

I was thinking about the ‘Benjamin Button’ effect again the other day. Surely you know the movie (and possibly book) – with Brad Pitt, of course. This time watching, though, it actually made me think a bit about the lessons to be learned. Eventually, I thought to myself: “You know what, self? In my next …

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Oct 09 2014

Bozo Bird Trauma

Bozo Bird tried to lay an egg! HE is a SHE! More at 11… Doctor put her to sleep, cracked eggshell, went inside and removed pieces best he could. Washed and flushed out. Rest she will have to expel on her own. Did great, although took a bit longer than expected. Return visit in one …

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Oct 07 2014

Moving Forward…

I love Halloween season!  Got a pumpkin today because, as most of you know, I love pumpkin carving every Halloween!  My tools got all screwed up last year, though, so this year I’ll have to use what I have available.  No worries, though. But now I have to remember what I did with all of my …

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Apr 29 2014

Can You Guess The Legendary Guitarists?

Maxim Dalton Guess The Guitarist

Artist Maxim Dalton painted a poster of 35 of the greatest guitar players ever. While it doesn’t include some famous axe-wielders (I don’t see Dimebag Darrell on there, for instance), it is a pretty comprehensive painting of guitarists who have shaped and influenced their genres. The painting was released as a limited edition poster but …

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Apr 28 2014

20+ Online Musician Tools

Today I present to you a list with over 20 online musician tools (such as the cool metronome above) so you don’t have to download or install anything. Just click the links and you’re up and running. 19 out of 20 tools are free to use. Most of them are virtual tools, a few of them are …

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